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Our Rooms

  • Centre Pacha Mama has a cosy but spacious lobby with couches and a large table with chairs.
  • There are three areas for workshops, meditations, lectures, etc. and there is a kitchen/restaurant.
  • Besides it is possible to rent a room for consults or treatment.
  • The centre has 24 sleepingrooms:
  • 16 single rooms
  • 6 rooms with two single beds
  • 2 rooms with three single beds
  • 11 showers and restrooms/toilet

The well equipped kitchen can be used by guests themselves or catering can be arranged by the Centre.
At the Centre there are yoga mats, meditation pillows, lying mats, 80 chairs, tables, flip-over boards, a great screen, beamer with table, and a whiteboard available.

For questions and reservations mail to



Condor is the largest room. Multiple energies from several traditions are invited into this room creating an universal unity. Recommended for energetic work, yoga, dance, seminars, and reading for large groups.

  • 95m2
  • 12.6 x 7.6 m.
  • 80 persons in theatre setting
  • 30 persons using matrasses/yoga mats
    e.g. this room is on the first floor.

Rates 2020:

Part of a day: € 93,-
Day (2 half day): € 165,-
Day (3 parts of a day): € 216,-

Kitchen for lunch/potluck in combination with Condor: € 25


Kolibri is a space ideal for smaller groups.

  • 52m2
  • 7 x 7.5m
  • Max 40 persons in theatre setting
  • 15 yoga mats

Rates 2020:
Part of a day: € 75,-
Day (2 half day): € 128,50
Day (3 day-parts): € 170,-

Kitchen for lunch/potluck in combination with Kolibrie: € 25,-


The domain of the wolf is situated at the ground floor in the back of the farm that still has its original windows. Very suitable for creative workshops, meditations, or settings with smaller groups.

  • 40m2
  • 5 x 8m
  • 25 persons in theatre setting
  • 8 matrasses/yoga mats
  • In the future this room will be expanded to 135m

e.g. this room is on the ground floor

Rates 2020:
Part of a day: € 62,-
Day (2 half day): € 98,-
Day (3 parts of the Day: € 124

Kitchen for lunch/potluck in combination with Wolf: € 25

Consult or treatment room
This workspace is very suitable for one-on-one sessionsor  treatments.
There is a massage table with leg and head cushions, three chairs, a table, a closet, coat hanger, and mirror.

For use of our Consult-Treatmentroom, we prefer practitioners that would rent the practice on a set day of the week
However, others could rent this are for a day or part of a day in consultation with a maximum of treating two clients. If you are a starting practitioner, the space can be rent for a period of time but a starting rate is used. Do ask for our terms.

Rates 2020 :
Day (2 half day): € 67,- (starting rate € 45)
Day (morning, afternoon, evening): € 87,50
Part of a day: € 46,50


Restaurant/Kitchen Hamster
The restaurant consists of an open kitchen that is very suitable for private use. The kitchen is fully renovated with casement windows and an exterior door.

There is a steamer for baking, roasting, and steaming, a professional dishwasher (done in 17 minutes), a double sink with two taps, and one large sink. There is a large fridge as well and one tap with a purifier which provides chalk free drinking water.
There is a double fridge with freezing section in the pantry.

The kitchen/dinner hall is suitable for 34 persons.
Meals are prepared and consumed in the kitchen.

Rates 2020:
Part of a day:  € 62,-
Day (2 half day): € 98,-
weekend (sa + su): € 165,-
long weekend (fri 14.00-su 18.00): € 200,-

Staying at Centre Pacha Mama
There are several possibilities for staying overnight at Centre Pacha Mama.
There is an apartment for five (apartment IJsvogel) and there are several sleepingrooms in the centre.  There are 34 to 40 sleeping places in total. There are 11 restrooms and 11 showers with a sink. We have available

  • 16 rooms with a single bed
  • 6 rooms with two single beds
  • 2 rooms with three single beds

The bedrooms are  equipped with a closet, cabinet, chair, and a bedside table with a lamp. The windows have mosquito netting and (fire resistant) darkening curtains. The beds have hypoallergenic matrasses and cushions. The matrasses are covered with a protecting sheet, flannel, and quilt. The cushions have protecting sheets as well.

Linen is for rent. It is not permitted to sleep on the beds without linen.

Rent including tax and touristtax:
Single room: € 38,- pn
Two person bedroom: € 61,00 pn (2 single beds)
Three person bedroom: € 71,00 pn (3 single beds)
Rent Linen: € 10 (Linen for one person consists of: Quilt-cover,bottom sheet, pillow sheet, bath towel, towel, and a washcloth.)
Made bed: € 7.50

On the property, room for a tent or caravan and a parked camper is available on the lawn.

Catering and meals
Catering and rates for breakfast, lunch and dinner are on request.
Rates will be posted asap.
Please contact us for info and reservation via E:

Apartment IJsvogel
If a weekend or a longer period away from the daily stress is your aim, this apartment is ideal. It is fully renovated and has a calming atmosphere. It is a nice place to recover. This apartment is suitable for 5 people.

The apartment has a separate entrée. There is a new kitchen with electric stove for 4, an oven, hood, and fridge. In the seating room, 4 chairs, 2 sofas, coffee table, television, and couch (which can be turned into a double bed) are available.

The bedroom has a two-doors closet and bunkbed (below 140-200; above 90×200).
The bathroom has a shower, sink, and toilet.

Rates 2020 incl tax and touristtax:
Day (24h): € 120
Weekend (fri 5 pm – su 5 pm): € 222,-
midweek (mon 2 PM – fri 10 am): € 200,-

For questions and reservations mail to