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    Meet & Greet +Lezing Buitenaardsen (Secrets of the Blue Lady)


    Onthulling van de geheimen van The Blue Lady (lezing + meet & greet Joshua Hartloper)
    Are we alone in the Universe?
    Not according to the residents of a small rural community on the Mediterranean.
    Extraterrestrial artifacts have been discovered in Spain.Locals call it, THE BLUE LADY.For years, witnesses have noticed strange lights in the skies above this coastal town. Some have encountered “children” in the villages with unique facial features. Others say the Spanish military recovered an ET spacecraft that crashed in a nearby valley. And one man claims to have been whisked away to another planet by human extraterrestrials that introduced him to advanced technologies and healed his cancer.…and so much more!Is Earth is being visited by advanced interstellar civilizations? Perhaps even time travelers from our distant future?
    Be among the first to hear this incredible story and see the evidence.
    Its time to reveal the Secrets of the Blue Lady!
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    Door: Joshua Hartloper (Oklahoma en Spanje)
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