Center Pacha Mama (English)

Welcome at Pacha Mama

You’re welcome at Center Pacha Mama in Friesland, The Netherlands

‘Pacha Mama’ means ‘Mother Earth’.
Center Pacha Mama is a group accommodation for activities, training, workshops, ceremonies, presentations, and lectures or seminars on awareness, health, wholeness, inspiration, and spirituality.
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Our mission is to provide a safe place where people can work on their awareness, emotions, personal development, or development of one’s career.

It is nearby Leeuwarden in the village Lekkum. Just outside Lekkum is the old farm Center Pacha Mama with a view on the Dokkum Ee and grasslands.

In 2014, the initiator of Center Pacha Mana, Claasje Kos, started the renovations on the farm, a former boarding school, into a welcoming centre with rooms open for rent during day (or multiple day) activities such as training, workshops, meditations, lectures, treatments, consults, overnight stays, etc.

The centre consists of approximately 40 sleeping places (1, 2 or 3 person rooms, showers, restrooms, 1 apartment for 5p).

For info and rates about our accommodation, workshoproom, consulting-treatmentroom, apartment, sleepingrooms, Catering etc. please CLICK HERE

Our location has parking facilities.

The center arose from a shamanistic vision.
However, spirituality has many faces which are accepted at the centre, according to Claasje Kos. From the shamanistic vision, every trainer or therapist that offers awareness, healing, development trainings connected spiritually or energetically, is welcome. We also offer the opportunity to attend or organise sweat lodge sessions.

If you want to know more or are tempted to organise an event, visit us or make an appointment to meet an get a tour at the centre.
You can find our information on the contact page.

Additionally, everyone is welcome to participate in our workshops and activities. We offer so many beautiful events. Keep an eye on our activity agenda on our website.

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